Why Do Children Learn Best By Play?

Children are exposed to learning through interaction, which starts very early in their immediate environment. Exploratory learning activities help shape their curiosity, amongst other benefits.

11/9/20231 min read

We see the world visually. As kids, we’re exposed to learning through interaction. This interaction starts very early. Our exposure to learning starts in our immediate environment.

Yes, we learn at home, but most of our learning is done externally and outwardly. This means going to parks, zoos, museums … the list goes on. These experiences help us to capture photos in our brain and gravitate to those that are the most fun.

For me, those experiences were found in nature. Through exploring. Through treasure hunts, iSPY games, and playing sports. These exploratory learning activities helped shape my curiosity.

That exploratory play begins to fizzle out as we get older, unless we capture long lasting moments that help us keep our brain stimulated. Inspired by the early days in nature and exploration (and those awesome experiences), I wanted to go back to the basics and find a way to connect back to that world.

Exploratory Learning Encourages Imagination, Curiosity

The very idea of getting back to nature and exploration is how Zimizam evolved. The Zimizam exploratory learning method is built around getting outside and exploring in a fun and flexible way. It’s a mixture of treasure hunts, iSPY games, and conventional learning — using stars as a way to reward learners.

My learning journey wasn’t easy — having lots of learning difficulties — but the moment teachers associated new concepts with the direct world in front of me, I shined. Those photos of learning were captured and then I loved learning because they took the effort to really explain ideas and concepts in a fun, digestible way.

For me, the learning that was most relevant was done through exploration and discovery. This doesn’t mean sitting behind a textbook isn’t relevant, but I would say that success is a blend between the two. Creating pictures behind desks and within the world around us is the best of both worlds.

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