What Is Meant By Learning Through Play?

Montessori is a great option for parents looking to expose their children to other forms of learning. But what is meant by “learning through play” exactly?

9/7/20232 min read

Montessori has been a buzzword for quite a while now. When I attended in the ‘80s, it was considered the school for “hippie parents” looking to expose their children to other forms of learning, particularly by playing to really hone in on their creative side. But what is meant by “learning through play” exactly?

The Importance of Learning Through Play

Montessori was the best option for me and I wish in hindsight my parents continued sending me through the Montessori pathway. This educational approach falls very much in line with learning through play. For me, it was exactly what I needed to succeed. I can remember playing games around exploration, using my imagination and being highly observant in both an individual and socialised setting.

What makes Montessori and the general learning through play concept so important are the themes around engagement, problem solving, social interaction, cognitive development, and physical development. I can remember teachers introducing me to games in a very free environment and letting me explore with limited boundaries and allowing me to self discover and explore.

The Learning Through Play Theory

Through the learning through play theory, without knowing it, your child is learning communication methods, working on fine and gross motor skills, engaging with others, and being immersed in the moment rather than sitting in an uncomfortable chair being lectured to. This is what learning is all about!

The rigid educational system wasn’t for me, and if I had continued with Montessori and learning through play theory, I’d imagine my love for learning would have changed dramatically.

Exploratory Learning With Zimizam

Fast forward 35 years, when I went back to my roots and developed Zimizam. Through my professional work, I realized that creating exploratory games both indoors and outdoors with little boundaries allowed them to learn through play within our communities.

Zimizam games and activity cards are rewards-based — and we go a step further introducing themes around daily routines, being mindful and calm, and discovering emotions and ways to communicate in a way that’s relatable to each student.

There wasn’t a one-size-fits-all in my educational journey and that shouldn't be the case for other children either.

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